Clinica de transição para 49er em Garda

Andrew Simpson Watersports Centre está oferecendo Clínica de Transição para a Classe 49er em sua base em Campione del Garda (ITA). Eles possuem 6 barcos 49er (3 49er e 3 49er FX).

Uma das opções é realizar uma clínica de dois dias uma semana antes da final da EuroCup que irá ocorrer em outubro no Lago Garda.

Confira o comunicado encaminhado à Classe 29er Brasil:

I am writing to ask if it’s interesting for your 29er teams to use our 49er and 49er FX transitional clinic. I have 6 boats ready, 3 49er and 3 FX, in Campione del Garda. The boats are in order and they have been used at the last Europeans by the Chinese team. I thought that you might be interested being a 29er Class Representative and I hope you have some teams that are interested in moving to 49er.

The end of October there is the last 29er regatta of the season on Lake Garda, so ideally the sailors can come the week before and after the event to learn the basics about the 49er.

We can offer coaching as well and I would expect the following learning objectives in 2 days clinic to be covered (at a basic level):
– Rigging.
– Basic maintenance.
– Specific sail trim.
– Straight line speed – the basics Trapeze technique.
– Adjustments for different conditions.
– Upwind and downwind boat handling Capsize recovery.
– Roll tacking in light wind.
– Mark rounding process.
– Pre-start/post-start acceleration.
– Fitness and physical preparation.

For your reference you can read more about our sailing centre and the story of the boats on the website:

Tristano Vacondio
Andrew Simpson Watersports Centre Lake Garda


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